Actions in the Inbox

Actions in the box is a really simple way (adding markups to sent emails) to increase the user engagement on emails. GMail and Google Apps users now will receive notifications with “One click Action” attached to it. Which means that you can “Acknowledge” any kind of problem without opening the email.



This is what you will see when you receive a problem notification from MonGuru.

HTML Email Notification has arrived

The number one contact channel of MonGuru to their users is definitely email messages.

Until now we were sending the Nagios’ default notification emails.


Now the emails contain a lot of useful information like state duration, service check execution time, and more.

There is also an action section that allows you to go right to the corresponding Nagios action page. For now there’s only the “Acknowledge” action. We will use your Nagios instance’s secret key so you can take the action in only one click, there is no need to enter your credentials.

We are working in a way to add the actions as “Actions in the Inbox“, this will allow Gmail and Google Apps users to take actions without even opening the email. Stay tuned.