PagerDuty notification Integration

MonGuru’s Nagios now has notification commands that integrates with PagerDuty.

Bellow is reproduced the PagerDuty’s guide to get started:

If you don’t already have a PagerDuty “Nagios” service, you should create one:

  1. In your account, under the Services tab, click Add New Service.
  2. Enter a Service Name, choose an Escalation Policy. Start typing “Nagios” under Integration Type to filter your choices.
     Add a new PagerDuty Nagios service
  3. Click the Add Service button.
  4. Once the service is created, you’ll be taken to the service page. On this page, you’ll see the Service API key, which will be needed when you configure your Nagios server to send events to PagerDuty.
  5. PagerDuty Nagios service key


As PagerDuty is already configuured on MonGuru, you just need to configure your contacts definitions.

define contact {
       contact_name                             pagerduty
       alias                                    PagerDuty Pseudo-Contact
       service_notification_period              24x7
       host_notification_period                 24x7
       service_notification_options             w,u,c,r
       host_notification_options                d,r
       service_notification_commands            notify-service-by-pagerduty
       host_notification_commands               notify-host-by-pagerduty
       pager                                    YOUR-SERVICE-KEY-HERE

Now you can use thecontact name “pagerduty” in one existing contact group by adding it to the contact group as seen bellow:

define contactgroup {
       contactgroup_name                        instance_owners
       alias                                    Nagios Administrators
       members                                  instance_owner, pagerduty