Twitter Integration

It’s really nice when you use a service that provides you a system health
web page. A place that you can go when you start to see things failing.
So you can know if the problem is in your service, or on the service
that you depends on.

Examples of that are the Amazon Web Services status page, DreamHost Status, or even the DreamHost Status Twitter Account.

You may have a service that should have some kind of public status page
to let your users know when your server are under heavy load, or things
are back to normal.

A simple way to get a “health page” working, is to twitt about the system health just like DreamHost Status Twitter Account.

twitter_integrationWe think this is a really good idea, use a social network that people are already used to use. That’s why  we implemented a feature in MonGuru that allows your Nagios instance to update Twitter when the state of a service or host changes. You can find the step-by-step process in our wiki.