Git Integration

A lot of System Administrators uses some version control software to keep track on the configuration for the monitoring tool. No doubts this is a useful use of version control.

That’s why, even running on Beta, MonGuru has a full integration with git.

If you are a GitHub or *Bitbucket user, you will feel at home using this new integration. MonGuru allows you to configure a WebHook in your git repository to notify MonGuru that the Nagios configuration has changed. MonGuru will automatically pull the changes from the git repository.


Beyond keeping track of configuration changes, git integration is a great way to give people access to change your Nagios configuration at MonGuru. Anyone with write access to the git repository can write config changes, and receive the changes results via e-mail. The instance’s owner is also notified by e-mail when changes are made.

Go ahead and take a look on git integration help, to see how easy it is.

* Btbucket has the advantage of providing the possibility of the creation of private repositories.