Nagios on your android

Even in these of smartphones days, we know that receiving SMS notification from our monitoring system is really useful. However when some aditional action on the monitor system is required, we can not count on SMS only.

People who use nagios or Icinga as monitoring system, and an android phone can take privilege of aNag android app. An unofficial Nagios and Icinga client for android devices.

It is really simple to configure, and have a lot of cool features, as you can see on its Google Play Page:

– Multiple actions available directly in app [on hosts or services]:
* acknowledge (incl. Icinga 1.6 expirable ack)
* custom notification
* submit passive check
* enable/disable notification
* recheck
* downtime management (set and remove)

– multiple Nagios and Icinga instances
– no server side modification required (only stock CGI)
– self signed / invalid certificate exception on per instance basis
– Background auto refresh
– Service filtering (acknowledge, scheduled downtimes, disabled notifications and SOFT state) customizable differently for notification and display
– Notification (top bar, vibrate, sound) on per severity basis and on update failure
– Fine grained notification criteria
– Pattern based filtering (regexp, equals, contains, starts with, ends with against server name, service name, services message or a selection)
– Quiet hours (global or on weekday basis), Critical only mode (change quiet hours behavior)

And of course you can use it with an MonGuru’s Nagios instance. By simply adding your nagios instance FQDN to the aNag configuration. For facilitating you can configure a personal FQDN (Virtual Host) when creating your Nagios instance.

Go ahead, give it a try, and happy monitoring.